Ford Ranger – Pricing and specification for 2023.50MY updates

Ford Ranger – Ford Australia has confirmed pricing and specification details for 2023.50MY Ranger models. Updates are minor

  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller1 now comes standard on Ranger XLT and Sport
  • New 20-inch wheel option available on Ranger Wildtrak
  • Touring Pack, available on XLT and Sport, will now include the Cargo Management System and Auxiliary Switch Bank

Specification changes see the Integrated Trailer Brake Controller1 become standard on all XLT and Sport variants, further building on Ranger’s strong towing credentials.

A Rear-View Camera Kit2 now comes standard on XL Cab Chassis variants, extending the comprehensive suite of driver assist features that are standard on Ranger.

A new optional Ranger Wildtrak wheel pack will be available on the 2023.50MY model – a 20-inch machined-face alloy wheel, fitted with all season tyres.

The Touring Pack, available on XLT and Sport models, will include the Cargo Management System and Auxiliary Switch Bank.

The Auxiliary Switch Bank will be available as a standalone option on XLT Cab Chassis variants.

As previously announced, a new optional Powered Roller Shutter on Raptor will include the replacement of the standard fit spray-in bedliner with the plastic drop-in bedliner.

Ford Ranger Pricing

 MLPs3 for 2023.50MY Ranger commencing production in March 2023 are as follows:

 4×2 XL Single CC 2.0L SiT$35,930$36,180+$250
 4×2 XL Super CC 2.0L SiT$38,430$38,680+$250
 4×2 XL Double CC 2.0L SiT$40,430$40,680+$250
 4×2 XL Double PU 2.0L SiT$42,330$42,580+$250
 4×2 XLS Double PU 2.0L BiT$46,730$47,130+$400
 4×2 XLT Double PU 2.0L BiT$53,990$54,790+$800
 4×4 XL Single CC 2.0L BiT$47,030$47,280+$250
 4×4 XL Super CC 2.0L BiT$49,530$49,780+$250
 4×4 XL Super PU 2.0L BiT$51,430$51,680+$250
 4×4 XL Double CC 2.0L SiT$48,030$48,280+$250
 4×4 XL Double CC 2.0L BiT$51,530$51,780+$250
 4×4 XL Double PU 2.0L SiT$49,930$50,180+$250
 4×4 XL Double PU 2.0L BiT$53,430$53,680+$250
 4×4 XLS Double PU 2.0L BiT$54,330$54,730+$400
 4×4 XLT Super PU 2.0L BiT$59,190$59,990+$800
 4×4 XLT Double PU 2.0L BiT$61,190$61,990+$800
 4WD XLT Double CC 3.0L V6$62,290$63,290+$1,000
 4WD XLT Double PU 3.0L V6$64,190$65,190+$1,000
 4×4 Sport Double PU 2.0L BiT$63,690$64,490+$800
 4WD Sport Double PU 3.0L V6$66,690$67,690+$1,000
 4×4 Wildtrak Double PU 2.0L BiT$67,190$67,990+$800
 4WD Wildtrak Double PU 3.0L V6$70,190$71,190+$1,000
 4WD Raptor Double PU 3.0L V6 EcoBoost$85,490$86,790+$1,300

MLPs3 for 2023.50MY Ranger options are as follows:

20-inch Wildtrak Wheel Pack$500New
4×4 XLT/Sport Pick-Up Touring Pack$900$1,295+$395
Aux Switches – XLT C/C Only$250New
Wildtrak Premium Pack$1,500$1,850+$350
Power Roller Shutter – Ranger Raptor$3,500New
Prestige Paint$675$700+$25
4×2 XL/XLS Off-Road Pack$1,150$1,150
4×2 XLT Off-Road Pack$650$650
4×4 XL/XLS Wheel Pack$750$750
4×4 XLT/Sport Wheel Pack$500$500
Raptor Bead-Lock Capable Wheels$2,000$2,000
XL Wheel Centre Cap Kit$20$20
XL Heavy Duty Suspension$500$500
Spray-In Bedliner – XL/XLS$900$900
Spray-In Bedliner – XLT/Sport$400$400
Towing Pack$1,700$1,700
XLS Tech Pack$750$750
Raptor Decal Pack$500$500

Note: All Option MLPs above are exclusive of Luxury Car Tax where applicable.



  1. Drivers will need to create a profile of their trailers in SYNC to support the Trailer Brake Controller and must set the gain on the Brake Controller unit.
  2. Analogue Reverse Camera is provided and will need to be fitted to the vehicle by a body builder. Driver assist features are supplemental and do not replace the driver’s attention, judgment and need to control the vehicle. May not operate at certain speeds, or in certain driving, road or weather conditions. See Owner’s Manual for more information.
  3. Recommended MLP only. As always, the selling price of any vehicle or option is entirely at the discretion of the Dealer. Prices shown exclude Dealer delivery and statutory charges.
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