Battery management in winter is especially important

Battery management tips for winter

Battery management – Its getting colder, those icy mornings can play havoc on your Ute. Especially the battery. CTEK Recommends being Prepared, Charged and Winter-Ready.

As winter sets in and temperatures drop, vehicle battery performance can reduce drastically. With battery failure shown to be the single biggest cause of breakdowns during the colder winter months.  

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CTEK, a leading global brand in battery management solutions, recommends drivers prepare vehicles for winter. Including ensuring car batteries are in top condition.

The alternator may only get the battery up to 60% of its capacity. This could mean that your engine is using up to 5-10 additional horsepower and burning more fuel. So, not only is your battery underperforming, but it could also lead to an expensive breakdown.

To get the most out of the battery, so that it can keep all the vehicle’s electric systems working and always start when needed, charging the battery with a smart battery charger is essential – especially in the winter months.

“We may think about checking the car’s oil, brakes, washer fluid and heater. But the humble car battery is often overlooked in our winter preparations,” said Paul Oddy, CTEK Regional Sales Manager for APAC. “A few simple checks and a regular battery maintenance habit is all that’s needed. To give you peace of mind that your battery is charged and ready to power you through the cold.”

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Battery management winter issues

Take control of your vehicle battery with some key points to remember:

  • In cold weather, batteries work harder to start your vehicle.
  • Battery-related issues are the leading cause of breakdowns in cold weather.
  • Don’t let freezing temperatures leave you stranded. Charging your battery is crucial.
  • A smart battery charger will keep your battery in optimal condition.

Investing in a smart charger like the MXS 5.0, with CTEK’s patented 8-step charging curve and built-in temperature compensation, is the smart choice for drivers. The MXS 5.0 will maximise the performance of your battery. Eliminating the risk of sudden failures when you need it the most. It comes with automatic temperature compensation built in which ensures the best charging performance, even in the most extreme conditions. The MXS 5.0 also features an AGM option which maximises the performance life of most Stop/Start batteries. And a special Recond mode for reconditioning deeply discharged batteries.

I have used the MXS 5.0 on my old Mitsubishi Pajero to restore the battery as it doesn’t get used much and the battery dies. Its brilliant and effective.

“The winter season shouldn’t get in the way of your vehicle’s functionality,” said Paul Oddy. “If you take that little bit of time to get yourself and your battery well prepared in advance, then you’re all set to make the most of it.”

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Portable battery emergency kit

For added peace of mind while you’re out on the road, CTEK also offers the ultimate emergency kit, the CS FREE. That you can take with you on your journey. Charge it up, store it in your glove box and, wherever your travels take you. You never need to worry about being stranded with a dead battery again thanks to this four-in-one power source.

Weighing just 900 grams, the CS FREE is a Safe-Start Adaptive Booster that can quickly power up dead batteries. Or be utilised as a Portable Battery Charger to keep your essential devices charged and ready to go. The unit can also be utilised as a battery and maintenance charger, adding further usability to this four-in-one power source.

Chargeable via mains supply – holding charge for up to a year – or via CTEK’s own solar panel kit, the CS FREE is the ultimate emergency kit when on the move.

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