CTEK CS Free should be packed for Easter road trip

Easter Road Trip battery safety

CTEK CS FREE – Easter is a time when Aussies like to go camping, but it can ty=urn bad if your car battery goes flat. The CTEK CS Free emergency pack avoids any stress of this.

With a quarter of the year down, you might be planning a well-deserved short break before heading back to work.

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This Easter Holiday is the perfect time for a short trip away and the roads can certainly take you there. CTEK, is the leading global brand in vehicle charging solutions. They recommend a little forward thinking to make sure you return feeling fully recharged from your road trip.

“Dead batteries are a fairly common problem on Easter road trips. Especially when making multiple stops or if you haven’t used your car as much before hitting the wide-open road,” said Paul Oddy, APAC Regional Sales Manager for CTEK. “With thousands of people looking to get away this Easter, car troubles should be the last thing to worry about.”

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Easter Road Trip

“In Australia, we are right on the doorstep of so many amazing natural areas.  Travelling off-grid can be a great break from your regular routine. But it’s more essential than ever to pack a bit of extra power when heading off on a road trip. A modern vehicle has more than 200 Electronic Control Units (ECU) controlling many of the vehicle’s functions. When you attach a CTEK charger, not only do you ensure the battery is charged, you maintain its long-term performance. The CS FREE is therefore the perfect bit of kit. In fact I would recommend that whether you are on your next adventure or taking a ride in your daily drive, you should always carry the CS FREE – it’s the ultimate emergency kit!”

The CS FREE is an Adaptive Booster to quickly power up dead batteries. And Portable Battery Charger to charge and maintain your vehicle battery wherever you are. It can also be used as a hi-tech power bank and is designed to keep your essential devices charged and ready to go. It’s also a safe-start that can be used instead of jump starting. Or using a traditional booster that could damage the battery or the vehicle’s complex electronics.

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CTEK’s top tips

Here are CTEK’s top tips to make sure you can enjoy your next road trip with complete peace of mind:

Understand what makes your battery die

It’s important to understand what can drain your battery while out on the road. That’s because your battery provides power to things like the clock, the radio, and the alarm system even while your car is turned off.

And if you’re parked up by your tent, your keyless entry key fob might still be trying to connect with the car, drawing further power from the battery.

Plus, every time you open the doors or trunk to get something out, your car springs into life. The interior and door lights will drain the battery, as will playing the radio or music from the vehicle. When you’re away from a power source, you may also charge your phone or other devices from the car. This can draw much more power from the battery than you realize.

Charge before you go

Make sure your battery is fully charged and in tip top condition before you leave home. Driving around in your car will only charge your battery to 80 percent capacity. So, to top it up to 100 percent, you’ll always need an efficient battery charger.

A smart battery charger and maintainer like the CS FREE will check how much charge you have in your battery and get you fully charged for your trip. This is especially important if you’re going away in a motorhome or another vehicle you aren’t using regularly.

A stationary vehicle can lose 0.1V of energy every month. Even more so if your parked vehicle is running an alarm system, onboard computer, remote locking, and a host of other systems.

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CTEK CS FREE – Take a portable charger with you 

The CTEK CS FREE is the perfect companion on a road trip. This innovative portable battery charger is compatible with all types of batteries and will get you safely started should your battery die.

Simply charge the CS FREE before you leave home, and then, if you do find yourself stranded, the CS FREE uses patented adaptive boost technology to gently and safely give you enough charge to get you going in a few minutes.

The CS FREE also has USB-A and USB-C ports so you can charge your mobile phone, PC, tablet, camera and other devices while you’re away. There’s also an optional, easily transportable folding solar panel accessory available. This can be used to power up the CS FREE while you’re in a remote location away from the power grid.

Don’t be tempted to run the engine

Don’t be tempted to start the car and run the engine to put power back into the battery. This could do more harm than good. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it actually takes a significant amount of battery power just to start the car.

So you’d have to run the engine for a considerable length of time for the alternator to replace this charge. Not to mention the fuel that’s being wasted, especially with soaring fuel prices in mind!

Have fun!

Finally, enjoy yourself. Following this battery care advice from CTEK will help to ensure that you make the most of your road trip with complete peace of mind.

For more information about CTEK’s range of products, please visit www.ctek.com


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