Isuzu UTE Australia Partners With Surf Life Saving Australia

To assist with keeping our patrolled shores safe, Isuzu UTE Australia is pledging support to the national symbol of beach safety, Surf Life Saving Australia, with a fleet of Isuzu D-MAX Utes and MU-X SUVs.

With millions of people flocking to Australian beaches on a yearly basis, safety on our beaches continues to be the top priority

Isuzu UTE Australia Partners With Surf Life Saving Australia

  • Isuzu UTE Australia (IUA) has proudly joined forces with Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA), for a three-year partnership as a Major National Partner and Official Automotive Supplier.
  • For 114 years, Surf Life Saving Australia has been patrolling local beaches and protecting the millions of beach-goers across the country—successfully saving over 600,000 lives since establishment.
  • IUA has pledged their support to SLSA with Isuzu D-MAX Utes and MU-X SUVs to serve as daily surf rescue patrol and support vehicles—assisting in their commitment to keeping Australian beaches safe.

Quintessentially Australian, SLSA is a 114-year old not-for-profit icon institution ingrained into Australian beach culture. And, is responsible for over 10,000 rescues, 60,000 emergency care treatments and 1,400,000 preventative actions on a yearly basis—signifying the importance of having a dependable fleet of vehicles by their side.

“Surf Life Saving Australia have been patrolling beaches and protecting millions of beach-goers for 114-years and in recognition of the significant difference they have made, we are proud to jump on board and support the amazing work they are doing,” said Isuzu UTE Australia Managing Director, Hiroyasu Sato.

Isuzu UTE Australia Partners With Surf Life Saving Australia

“The essence of SLSA is ingrained in local communities and in protecting people across Australian beaches through patrols, training programs and education. For Isuzu UTE Australia, there could be no better way of giving back than by supporting SLSA and the brave men and women who keep our beaches safe.”

With a 5-star ANCAP Safety rating across the full range, the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X will serve surf lifesavers on-the-beach as patrol vehicles and on-the-road as they travel the country delivering important training and education to their members. From being available as ‘rescue-ready’ vehicles able to respond to incidents with essential lifesaving and rescue equipment, through to providing mobile patrol services and a tool in promoting beach safety, the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X will increase the capabilities of surf lifesavers and lifeguards in day-to-day duties.

Surf Life Saving Australia President, John Baker ESM said it was the Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X’s reputation for reliability and durability that made them the pragmatic choice for SLSA—offering off-road capability, towing functionality and safety features, in a demanding environment, which makes them perfect for lifesaving operations.

Isuzu UTE Australia Partners With Surf Life Saving Australia

Knowing that our lifesaving equipment needs to be durable to last the challenging beach conditions and dependable when called upon by our surf lifesavers, SLSA has turned to Isuzu UTE Australia, relying on the D-MAX Ute and MU-X SUV to serve as surf rescue patrol and support vehicles across the country,” said Mr Baker.

It is with the support of these vehicles and our partners like Isuzu UTE Australia that makes our mission in patrolling and protecting our beaches that much easier, allowing us to focus our attention to the safety of our beach-goers,” he said.

Isuzu UTE Australia Partners With Surf Life Saving Australia

Isuzu UTE Australia and Surf Life Saving Australia will be in partnership for the next three years and look forward to flying the iconic red and yellow flags symbolising safety, across patrolled beaches nationwide.

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