Chevrolet brings new plant onstream before 5000th Silverado

 Silverado – New Chevrolet Remanufacturing facility comes online weeks ahead of the 5000th Silverado

GMSV 5000th Silverado 2

The team at GMSV has celebrated a significant milestone in the marque’s short history, only weeks after the opening of a brand new dedicated Chevrolet Silverado remanufacturing facility at Dandenong.

“We’re excited to announce that the 5,000th Silverado has just emerged from the remanufacturing process,” said Joanne Stogiannis, Director of GMSV.

“This achievement coincides with GMSV’s second birthday, so this is a remarkable achievement for a new brand in Australia and New Zealand.  It goes to show there is considerable desire amongst enthusiasts for the latest in a V8-powered full-size pick-up truck with impressive towing ability and passenger comfort.”

The new, larger facility opened in August and, running as a dedicated line, is already delivering a more seamless operation.

“The new dedicated remanufacturing facility will enable improved flexibility and capacity, with a significant increase in the number of Silverado’s coming off the line,” said Ms Stogiannis.


“It’s particularly timely to have this new facility up and running as we recently announced Australia and New Zealand will be receiving a new MY23 Silverado 1500 range due mid-2023, including Chevrolet’s new flagship off-road truck, the first-ever Silverado ZR2.

“We are confident that we will be in a position to better cater for the anticipated demand associated with the launch of these new Silverado 1500’s and the ever-popular Silverado HD.”

To watch the  Silverado build timelapse footage go to this link


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