RAM Trucks Australia’s all-new RAM 2500 has officially arrived

 RAM Trucks Australia’s all-new RAM 2500 has officially arrived, a mighty truck that currently out-powers, out-tows and out-hauls every other pick-up available.

2021 RAM 2500 exterior 1

Following the same design, homologation, and manufacture processes that the recent 1500 DT underwent – 50,000 hours of pre-build development hours; 80,000kms of rolling road testing; 50,000km of real-world road driving; and a 20,000km full vehicle durability test – the all-new RAM 2500 is ready for heavy duty. 

“All-new 2500 starts the roll-out of our next generation Heavy Duty trucks,” says RAM Trucks Australia National Manager Jeff Barber.

“Built for serious assignments, the all-new 2500 – which will be joined soon by the next-gen 3500 – sets new benchmarks in performance, capability, technology and luxury. 

“Only RAM Trucks Australia can deliver such a vehicle thanks to our robust and detailed planning, development, remanufacturing, and testing programme in conjunction with our local and global partners including Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, US).”

The 2021 RAM 2500 is one of the most powerful, most capable pick-ups in the segment with the proven 6.7-litre inline 6 Cummins® turbodiesel delivering 276kW and a mighty 1,152Nm, allowing for a max braked towing capacity of up to 8.0 tonnes*.

Giving maximum effort all day, the all-new RAM 2500 steps forward with new benchmarks in ride and handling, luxury, materials, innovation, and technology. 

2021 RAM 2500 exterior 2


The all-new 2500 creates a bold and unique appearance that results in a more integrated look that aligns with the mechanical capabilities of the truck. 

Interlocked with the new, lighter aluminium hood, a much larger and more aggressive front grille opening leads with confidence and strength. The new front bumper is cut with larger openings, providing greater airflow to the largest turbo intercooler RAM has ever adapted to its heavy-duty pick-ups. 

More than 20 sensors surrounding the new RAM 2500 are seamlessly integrated to make them less visible. The front air dam helps mould the most aerodynamic heavy duty truck RAM has offered, while full LED headlights make for a distinctive front end.

 The side of the truck flows with trademark RAM style. Body-side lines tie together the front fender and cab doors, while an all-new interlocking side-step design incorporates deep tread patterns and a RAM logo. 

The all-new 2500 continues to offer the best lockable bed storage in the segment with optional RamBox®. The industry-first RAM exclusive RamBox® Cargo Management System includes versatile, weatherproof, lockable, illuminated, and drainable storage bins. 

The interior mirrors the design expressed on the recently launched Ram 1500 DT with unmatched luxury, materials, innovation, and technology extending well past any competitive offerings. 

All-new features, technology and premium materials help the redesigned 2500 continue its interior leadership with quality, technology and luxury. 

2021 RAM 2500 interior 1

The new instrument panel combines a strong, structurally interlocking appearance, pushing the central controls up and toward the driver, improving overall reachability of system controls. The all-new 2500 features the Uconnect 4C NAV on a 12-inch fully configurable touchscreen, which can display one application, such as the navigation map, across the whole 12-inch screen, or can be divided to operate two different applications at once. 

The all-new 2500 features a 7-inch, full-colour, 3D animation-capable driver information display, with reconfigurable function that enables RAM truck drivers to personalize information inside the instrument cluster. The display is designed to visually communicate information, using graphics and text, quickly and easily. A digital rear-view mirror further ups the technology ante.

An active noise cancellation system and acoustic glass reduce ambient cabin sounds by nearly 10 dB – making it the quietest RAM Heavy Duty ever. The new HVAC system features 30 percent more air flow at lower noise levels, including larger front defroster vents for better performance. All-new in-duct electric heating elements help speed cabin warm-up on cold days, and larger system controls and new larger panel ducts work better with gloved hands. 


The all-new RAM 2500 rolls out with the legendary and powerful 6.7-litre Cummins® inline 6-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled diesel. 

With a long list of upgrades (including the cylinder block made from compacted graphite iron, new cast-iron cylinder head, exhaust valves, springs, and rocker arms) the Cummins® delivers 276kW at 2,800rpm and a mighty 1,152Nm from just 1,700rpm. That’s more than enough to handle the payload and towing requirements of most heavy-duty pick-up truck users.

Matched to this impressive power is a significantly upgraded version of the 68RFE six-speed automatic transmission. Changes designed to improve the electronically controlled transmission’s shift quality include new variable-force solenoid controls for the torque-converter clutch. A new reverse accumulator improves shift feel when placing the transmission into park from reverse, while drive-to-park shifts are also improved through refined hydraulic control. 

The all-new 2500 is equipped with a BorgWarner electronic transfer case, giving 2WD, 2WD High, Neutral and 4WD Low. 

New front and rear axles have been engineered to improve durability, handle industry-leading payload and towing capabilities, minimise NVH, and take advantage of opportunities to optimise weight.

2021 RAM 2500 interior 2


Big capability is irrelevant if the truck fails to instil confidence in the driver. RAM redefines the phrase “you don’t even know it’s back there” when towing or hauling. 

RAM Heavy Duty trucks feature all-new frames built with 98.5-percent high-strength steel, six separate crossmembers, hydroformed main rails and fully boxed rear rails for optimal strength and mass efficiency. 

Although the new 2500 is stronger and more capable, lightweight materials in the frame, powertrain and an aluminium hood reduce overall weight by up to 64kgs. Two Active-Tuned Mass Modules (ATMM) mounted on the frame rails search out vibrations and apply countermeasures to eliminate them. 

Wide front frame rails enable front suspension springs to be positioned slightly outboard – an enabler for generating positive roll stiffness. In the rear portion of the new frame, the structure includes fully boxed rear rails. The rear-axle structural crossmember with provisions for gooseneck hitches has been upgraded for 2021 to accommodate the increased towing capacity. 

With an emphasis on comfort and confidence, the next-gen 2500 has been redesigned to be the best riding, handling, and towing heavy-duty RAM ever. The new 360-degree surround-view camera with trailer reverse guidance provides a single display-screen view of both sides of a trailer to assist drivers in manoeuvring towing setups. There is also a second rear-view camera integrated in the centre high-mount stop lamp (cargo-view camera) to monitor payload in the bed and can also be used to align trailers.

Heavy Duty trucks generally have a suspension equipped for constant, heavy payloads. This leads to a harsher ride when unloaded. The all-new 2500 includes Frequency Response Damping (FRD) shocks on all four corners. The valves of an FRD shock automatically adjust for the type of vertical wheel input, allowing the 2500 to have sports-car-like suspension for handling and a supple suspension on rough terrain. 

2021 RAM 2500 interior 3

Engineers added progressive springs and upgraded bushings to the suspension system, including an exclusive five-link coil design, providing better load-carrying characteristics and improved articulation over obstacles when compared to a leaf-spring system. 

In the front a new two-piece suspension crossmember structure adds a longer welded interface and greater strength to the frame. The 2500 features an advanced three-link front suspension to ensure roll stiffness. 

A new braking system upgrades the calipers, booster and master cylinder. Combined with a larger-ratio pedal swing, the all-new 2500 delivers a more confident and powerful execution with little effort from the driver. The new system also offers shorter stopping distances and braking to match the highest capability. 

Several body elements are upgraded from mild steel to high-strength steel, and additional light-weighting efforts consist of an aluminium hood, which contributes to an overall weight reduction of 64kgs from the previous model. 

Through wind-tunnel analyses and real-world durability tests, engineers have created the quietest RAM Heavy Duty ever with a drag coefficient of .409. Upgrades to improve Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) include new C-pillar hydromounts, anti-vibration devices, new engine mounts, active noise cancelling and new exhaust-system attachments. 

2021 RAM 2500 interior 4


The all-new RAM 2500 pickup includes multiple safety and security elements, including an array of active and passive systems to assist the driver and passengers. 

Adaptive cruise control, Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking, Trailer Sway Control, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path and Trailer Detection – these are just some of the safety features that mark the all-new 2500 as being top of its game. 

The new 2500 also uses a variety of high-strength steels in the frame, body panels and core structure to maximise impact performance and reduce overall weight, including the A-, B- and C-pillars, front structure and door beams. Increased resistance spot welds reduce the heat exposure to surrounding metal to maintain strength and long-term durability. 


Designed to be the most technologically advanced heavy duty pick-up ever, the all-new RAM 2500 is loaded with an array of innovative and state-of-the-art features. The award-winning fourth-generation Uconnect® Touchscreen system offers new convenience and connected services, and keeps RAM truck customers connected, engaged and informed while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

 The all-new 2500 features a 12-inch reconfigurable touchscreen with tailor-made graphics and state-of-the-art connectivity. Personalisation is made easy with the new split screen, allowing two different applications for desired configuration, such as Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ HVAC controls, or one application, such as navigation across the entire 12-inch touchscreen. 

The 2500 comes with a unique Alpine 10-Speaker Premium Audio System including sub-woofer to immerse passengers in the ultimate sound experience. 

RAM Trucks Australia is the world’s only RAM-authorised manufacturer of right-hand drive RAM trucks. The relationship with RAM Trucks in the US began back in 2013 and continues to innovate to deliver a no compromise, full-size pick-up truck that leads in durability, technology and efficiency.

All RAM Trucks Australia vehicles are international-spec vehicles, uniquely coded for the Australian market and the local build process. With over 400 locally-sourced new parts involved in its transformation journey from left- to right-hand drive, the all-new RAM 2500 sets new benchmarks in the full-size pick-up truck segment – a segment RAM Trucks Australia first created more than six years ago.

The all-new RAM 2500 starts at $157,950 plus on-road costs for Laramie Crew Cab, rising to $162,900 plus on-road costs for the Laramie Crew Cab with RamBox©.

Detailed specification – including details on the upcoming 3500 due for launch in Q4 2021 – and images accompany this press release, while press loan cars will be available for testing and assessment from both Sydney and Melbourne from September 2021.


*When fitted with an appropriate tow hitch and air brakes to suit your vehicle and trailer in accordance with the varying towing & licensing rules and regulations of the States & Territories throughout Australia. It is the driver’s responsibility to consult local authorities and to ensure compliance with State and Territory towing & licencing rules and regulations. The driver must also ensure that the vehicle’s GVM, GCM, axle load ratings, and wheel load ratings are strictly complied to, these can be found in the specification sheet published at www.ramtrucks.com.au. Always, consult your local authorities, secure your load safely, and follow safety standards.

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