RAM 1500 Black Pack Revisited

RAM 1500 BlackPack HemiV8 1 RAM 1500 Black Pack – The black sheep of the RAM family is now in 37 Australian RAM showrooms across the country with the arrival of the RAM 1500 Black Pack.

Bathed in Brilliant Black Metallic Paint, the RAM 1500 Black Pack lives up to its name with 20 inch black alloy wheels, black front and rear bumpers, a black grille, darkened headlights and all the badging is in black – with one exception.

That exemption hints at how the RAM 1500 Black Pack has the power to back up its dark good looks with the one badge not blackened stating – in red – 5.7 litres, the capacity of the awesome 291 kW Hemi V8 engine that lifts its performance above all its rivals.

The RAM operates in stealth mode with just an inimitable Hemi V8 rumble to hint at the awesome performance it offers or, with the optional RAM Sport Exhaust system fitted, the rumble turns into an orchestral V8 roar that enables it to audibly announce its arrival, whether it’s the unmistakable rumble at low speeds or V8 roar under full bore acceleration.

Like the entire RAM 1500 range, the 1500 Black Pack sets new standards for towing capacity, tub size, interior space and comfort and, with the legendary 5.7 litre HEMI V8, the Black Pack further extends the return to the Australia market of the that national icon, the V8 Ute.

Based on the RAM 1500 Express, it has the Quad Cab with an interior space of 3.3 cubic metres placing it ahead of majority of conventional Utes, while impressive levels shoulder and hip room make it a comfortable place to be, front or back. Out the back is a huge six foot four inch tray and a standard heavy duty tow bar. That heavy duty tow bar is needed because it can tow a class leading load of up to 4.5 tonnes.

RAM 1500 BlackPack HemiV8 2

Black Pack is available in two versions, the standard at a recommended retail price of $84,950 excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and delivery. With the unique RamBoxes loading system has a recommended retail price of  $89,450 excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and delivery. The RAM 1500 Sports Exhaust System is a dealer fit option, so is also available to existing owners, and has a recommended retail price of $3266.56 plus fitting.

“The RAM 1500 Black Pack slots in neatly between the standard RAM 1500 Express and the luxurious RAM 1500 Laramie to provide a combination of a strong unique visual appeal and the sound of Hemi V8 that goes to the heart of why hot Utes are so popular,” explains Alex Stewart, General Manager of RAM Trucks Australia. “The RAM 1500 Black Pack does everything in terms of space, towing ability and tray size expected of class-leading Ute, to which it adds dark, muscular good looks and, matching the unique performance, the sound track that can only be delivered by a full size V8 engine. In short, the hot V8 Ute is back, and it comes in Black with the RAM badge, front and back!”

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