GWM Ute dual cab utilities get an ANCAP five star rating

GWM Ute dual cab utilities built from 1 August 2021 have received from ANCAP SAFETY a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. The Ute has been assessed against ANCAP’s current and most stringent 2020-2022 test criteria, with models produced from August 2021 providing a high level of safety to occupants and other road users.

5 star ANCAP safety rating for all GWM Ute dual cab utilities The GWM Ute becomes the third vehicle in its segment to achieve 5 stars under the latest protocols.

GWM Ute models built from August 2021 performed well in ANCAP testing, achieving full points in side impact and far-side impact tests (for both adult and child occupants), full points in testing of active lane support system functionality, strong scores for driver protection in frontal impact crashes, and a high level of protection in rear impact whiplash crashes.

5 star ANCAP safety rating for all GWM Ute dual cab utilities

ANCAP’s full width frontal and whiplash tests did however reveal safety related deficiencies with the performance of front head restraint and steering column components in GWM Ute models built between September 2020 and 31 July 2021. These deficiencies have now been addressed with GWM implementing design changes to all newly-built models to improve safety performance in these crash conditions. Additional ANCAP tests have verified improved performance.

GWM has committed to improve the performance of earlier-built vehicles through a targeted service campaign as required under ANCAP protocols. Owners of vehicles built between September 2020 and 31 July 2021 are strongly advised to have the rectification action completed as soon as possible so that their vehicle can also meet 5 star ANCAP safety requirements.

5 star ANCAP safety rating for all GWM Ute dual cab utilities

“This is a good outcome for consumers and fleet buyers in Australia and New Zealand, and has been achieved as a result of market demand for five star vehicles, consumer expectation and the strong influence of ANCAP protocols,” said ANCAP Chief Executive Officer, Carla Hoorweg.

“GWM has shown its willingness and strong commitment to providing its customers with the highest levels of safety by swiftly incorporating improvements to address deficiencies in existing vehicles and as a result, Australian and New Zealand consumers are being supplied with a safer vehicle.”

5 star ANCAP safety rating for all GWM Ute dual cab utilities

“This rectification action for all vehicles already in the market would not have come without the pressure applied through ANCAP protocols.”

“Consumers and fleet owners need to be aware that if their vehicle was built prior to August 2021 it is not 5 star rated until the rectification action is complete, and ANCAP will be monitoring progress of the service campaign to ensure all in-service vehicles are fixed quickly.”

“Those who have already purchased a vehicle built prior to August 2021 should return their vehicle to their local dealership and have the no-cost rectification action completed in order for that individual vehicle to meet the 5 star standards and ensure they have the safest vehicle available,” Ms Hoorweg added.

5 star ANCAP safety rating for all GWM Ute dual cab utilities

The safety performance of the new GWM Ute is a marked improvement on its 2 star predecessor, the GWM Steed, rated by ANCAP in 2016.

Full details on performance of the current generation GWM Ute are available at

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