Rough Ride: How To Keep Your 4WD In Tip Top Shape

Isuzu 21MY D-MAX Creek Splash 4x4 X-TERRAIN Volcanic AmberDo you own a four-wheel-drive automobile? It’s a great feeling, owning a rough, rugged and ready vehicle that you can take on an adventure in the great outdoors. That’s where the real excitement can be found, off the beaten path and with your friends and family.

But with a vehicle that gets as much of a workout as a 4×4, it pays to keep it in tip-top shape. In this helpful blog, we’re going to explain how to keep your rough ride road-ready.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

You need to ensure that your four-wheel drive gets seen by a mechanic in Airport West and is serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s best to have this done every six months or ten thousand kilometres, whichever comes first.

This is to ensure that your vehicle stays in prime working condition, as engines are complex machines composed of a myriad of moving parts, and the last thing you want is a breakdown in the middle of the bush. Towing a car from a four-wheel-drive track is not something that we’d recommend – not fun at all!

So maintain your vehicle for your peace of mind, as well as ensuring that it performs at its absolute peak, which is what you want for your 4×4.

Check and Maintain Tyre Pressure

Having an optimum tyre pressure is super important, particularly when it comes to off-roading. Make checking your tyre pressure and topping up the air part of your routine – do it when refuelling so it gets done once a week or fortnight at a minimum.

Some manufacturers also recommend different pressure for different times of the year, for instance, summer or winter, so pay attention to their recommendations and fill your tyres accordingly.

Failing to do this can place undue stress on your tyres and can greatly reduce their lifespan.

Washing and Cleaning

After every trip out bashing mud, you should aim to come home and wash your vehicle straight away. If you have a snorkel, please avoid drive-through washes, and instead either wash your car yourself at home or drop it off at a professional car wash.

If washing at home, a pressure washer is your best friend. Use it to blast away the dirt and mud, and make sure you clean the undercarriage too.

Don’t forget your winch either, little bits of sand or dirt can get trapped in there, and you always want to have a clean and working winch.

Rust Proof Before You Set Off

This is a tip for before your trips, not after. Rust can be a deadly disease to cars, and once it has taken hold of your chassis it is game over. Before heading away for a trip and the wet, muddy or sandy trails – give your 4×4 a liberal overall rustproofing treatment. Spray bottles work well for this.

Don’t Push It

Know your vehicle’s limits. For instance, how much it can tow, or how steep an incline it can manage. Four-wheel drives are made to take punishment, but they are fallible like all other vehicles. Don’t go overboard and push your vehicle to its limits, and you’re guaranteed to have a bush basher that will last years to come.

A Car Conclusion

Make sure your 4×4 gets regular servicing and maintenance, and check and maintain your tyres pressure. Wash and clean your car after every trip, and rustproof beforehand. Finally, don’t push the limits of what your four by four can achieve.